Why Choose JWG Electrical Contractor?


We have a proven track record of customer satisfaction and have been providing quality electrical work since 2004. We ensure that all projects are done with utmost professionalism using quality materials while offering our customers top-notch support.


Honesty and integrity is what you should expect when you hire us. With hundreds of successful projects under our belt, we are one of the most trusted electricians in the area. We strive to keep our appointments, show up on time and complete your project on time.


We use the latest technology and tools to ensure that every job is up to date. We pay attention to the details and to make sure everything is done right, the first time.

Who We Are?

Who we are JWG Electrical Contractor, Long Valley, NJ

JWG Electric, LLC of Long Valley, NJ was established in 2004 by owner John Groel. We are a family owned and operated business which provides electrical contracting for individuals and businesses.

Our experienced team boasts a wide range of services including: wiring, lighting, generators, floor warming, repair and much more.

No matter the size, JWG has the tools and expertise to get the job done right!

Give us a call. We can help!


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"After 12 years in business and hundreds of successful jobs and projects under our belt, we can confidently say that JWG Electric is one of the most trusted electricians in Northern New Jersey. Ever since our inception, we have made it our priority to provide professional electrical contracting for residential, commercial and industrial clients. We continue to maintain the high standards and exceed our client’s expectations. It's not surprising that most of our new customers are referrals from previous customers."
- John Groel, Owner
JWG Electrical Contractor, New Jersey